What is money?
At the economic university in Mongolia on March 26,
Participation presentation from Japan by ZOOM was decided.

Money is food,
It is not enough to compete,
It will be enough if you share it.

Current world population

World monetary issue amount and distribution amount

World currency issue amount is about 36.8 trillion dollars

The global distribution issue amount is about 90.4 trillion dollars

A total of $ 127.2 trillion

Sharing 127.2 trillion dollars at 7.6 billion people
It was $ 16,737 per person,
It will be $ 66,948 per f1 amily of 4 parents and children.

Even if the actual money is right,
It is not enough to compete,
It is enough to share it.

Money is the price tag of the item.

Money is issued and distributed
in relation to demand and supply.

Money is the price.
Price depends on supply and demand.
Money like the price,
Distribute in demand and supply.

That is,
Where do you bring "desire" which is the cause of "supply and demand"?
Depending on the "purpose of desire", the flow of money is determined.
   As an example,
People all over the world enjoy football olympics.
   A game where people from all over the world compete for one ball,
In order to enjoy it,
It is necessary for both the game player and the audience to live.
That is,
By giving money as food to people all over the world to live at least,
Any activity can be enjoyable.
This minimum amount of food is called basic income.
This basic income is the money to share.

   How do we share the money for people all over the world to live with?
  In any banking system,
As electronic money,
Money is passed through the circulated bank (including the virtual bank). 
  Like toll tax on expressways,
Bank toll tax,
For example,
1% tax of money to pass,
Automatically collect on computer.
  To each citizen of the world,
One social security bank account is given.
Bank transit tax collected once a month
The computer evenly sends it to the social security account.
World basic income can be easily realized.